Curious about your breathing?

Test your Control Pause

  • take a normal breath in and then out through your nose
  • use your fingers to gently pinch your nose and hold your breath – press the Start button 
  • wait until you feel the first need to breathe (or movement in the throat or tummy) – press the Stop button 
  • your next breath should be normal (not gasping) 
Stopwatch Timer

1-19 seconds – low score associated with poor breathing patterns

20-30 seconds – suggests breathing is resilient/stable

40 + seconds – suggests healthy breathing that supports good health and vitality

The Control Pause indicates our body’s tolerance to carbon dioxide and can help us understand how healthy our breathing is.

The Control Pause tells us how long your body is comfortable without taking a breath and is one way to assess your breathing pattern. 

Where do you feel breathing in your body?

Another way to assess your breathing is to place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly and notice where in the body you are feeling your breathing. Vertical movement driven by the chest suggests dysfunctional breathing mechanics. Movement in the lower ribs and belly is driven by the diaphragm and indicates functional or healthy breathing mechanics.

Are you breathing to survive or thrive?

We Breathe Breathwork Sessions will help you understand the process of breathing and restore healthy, functional breathing patterns.

When we change the way we breathe we can alter our physical, mental, and emotional states.

When the mind is agitated, change the pattern of the breath.

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