Ready to try some breathwork?

Calm the breath & calm the mind

Breathing slow, light in volume and low in the body increases oxygen uptake and calms the nervous system.

  • Place your hands on your lower ribs
  • Close your mouth and breathe gently through the nose
  • Inhale, gently guide your ribs out, as the circles expand
  • Exhale, gently guide your ribs inward, as the circles contract
  • Focus on softening your breathing
  • Repeat for 3-5 minutes


Unblock the nose

This practice will unblock the nose, helping you to restore nose breathing which is key to healthy breathing.

  • Gentle inhale, gentle exhale through the nose
  • Hold the nose & sway
  • Once you feel the strong need to breath, inhale through the nose
  • Settle the breath & then repeat
  • Continue x 5-6 times until the nose is unblocked

*Breath holds are not suitable for those who are pregnant, have high or low blood pressure, cardiovascular issues or experience anxiety or panic. 

Breath awareness practice

This simple act of placing our attention on breath can help us settle the breath and calm the mind.

6 mins

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Cadence breathing practice

Extending the exhale stimulates the rest and digest response, slowing our heart rate and calming the mind.

4 mins

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