‘When you breathe mindfully you bring your breath home to your body.’

Thich Nhat Hanh

Most of us breathe around 20,000 times a day.

Most of these 20,000 or so breaths are unconscious or happening with little thought or awareness from us.

A really simple practice is to sit with our breath and tune into our breath, noticing the qualities and the patterns of our breath.

Practicing breath awareness and developing a realationship with your breath is an easy and effective place to start when undertaking breathwork.

Understanding our own breathing patterns is key to restoring healthy, functional breathing patterns.


I invite you to find a small window in your day to experience my 6 minute breath awareness practice.

I invite you to do this in a mindful way with curiosity.

The simple act of placing our attention on the breath, being mindful of the breath, can settle the breath and slow down our heart rate, communicating to the nervous system that we are safe.

Simple but effective.

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